Monday, September 28, 2009

Bacon Explosion

Sometime ago my husband discovered the Bacon Explosion recipe. I believe he heard it from a co-worker, but I can't remember. Regardless, this recipe is true to its name - bacon explosion. The recipe can be found here on BBQ Addicts website.

It's the ULTIMATE tailgating recipe, so my fellow CEiMBer's beware.. this thing is not in Ellie's healthy cookbook.

I believe it clocks in around 5000 calories and 500 grams of fat, but I can't remember, nor choose to.

1. Start with thick cut bacon and weave:

2. Spread 2 lbs. of Italian sausage on top of the weave:
3. Cook up some more bacon:

4. While cooking the additional bacon (did I mention you need about 1.5 packages of bacon?), add a generous amount of pork rub:

5. Smile at your wife while you're cooking the extra bacon ;)

6. Chop up the cooked bacon:

7. Add the cooked bacon to the top of the seasoned sausage:

8. Add some of your favorite BBQ sauce, like Sweet Baby Rays:

9. Roll up the sausage into a log and wrap with the bacon weave:

10. Add more seasoning to the bacon explosion:

11. Cook in a smoker for 4 hours until 165 degrees:

12. Slice and serve (usually on a dinner roll):
Mmmmm, if that doesn't give you a heart attack, I don't know what will...!
If you love to smoke food, or love tailgating, or simply just love a lot of meat.. you need to make this.


  1. Wow. I can see why your husband would like that, and, in fact I do believe everything is better with bacon... and Italian sausage. I really like the effect of the weaved bacon on the outside, but I am going to try to forget I ever saw this recipe :)

  2. Ha! Seriously.. it's an insane recipe.

  3. oh man alyssa, that is just out of control. I am sending this to Nick immediately.

  4. Whoa. I can think of quite a few people that will go nuts over this one! Holy Guacamole that is a lot of bacon!! hehehe......For me, I would just need an angioplasty for dessert after that!!! Great post!