Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

 My mom hand picked the cupcakes she wanted me to make for her birthday this year.  She was looking through my Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook and decided to select the Coconut Cupcakes.  Here is a link to another post that includes the recipe.  The only difference between the last post and this one was in the last post I made the cupcakes with Coconut Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting and this time I stayed true to the recipe and made a Coconut 7 minute frosting.

I actually preferred the cupcake with the 7 minute frosting because it's so light and fluffy and delicious.  I also topped this cupcake with the flaked unsweetened coconut I found in the bulk food section at Central Market instead of using sweetened flaked coconut from the store.

In addition to making some Coconut cupcakes for my mom's birthday, I was also happy to help make 70 cupcakes for my niece's graduation (congrats Bree!!).

My mom really wanted to go with a smiley face theme so here is how they turned out...

Thanks to my momma for the cupcake stand and for making all of the cute graduation hats.  She made all of them with a "L" for Lynnwood High School and laminated them too so they would stay nice sitting in the frosting.  I made french vanilla cupcakes with lemon American buttercream frosting and chocolate cupcakes with banana American buttercream frosting.  Thanks momma and Shelby for all of your help frosting and decorating!!

 Aren't their little faces so cute!!

MMmmm Mmmm delicious!!

Happy cupcake making everyone!!



  1. LOVE the graduation cakes! So cute. the coconut ones look yummy!

  2. When I saw those coconut cupcakes I thought wow those look so delicious. Light and fluffy! Then I moved on to the graduation cupcakes and I couldn't believe you did all of that. They are so cute and I am sure they are as delicious as they look.