Monday, June 14, 2010

Woof Woof Woof

Last year for Christmas Kyle bought me a silicon University of Washington "W" cake pan and last Friday I finally got a chance to use it!!  A close friend of ours had a guys night to celebrate his birthday so I thought this would be the perfect dessert to bring (they are Husky fans like us.. go Dawgs!!).

Here is a picture of the white cake hot out of the oven.  Unfortunately, after I let it cool and turned it out on a dish the center was not quite cooked enough and a little gooey.  I was pretty bummed, but decided to stop by the store, purchase another cake mix (I know.. I never use mixes, but I did this time) and try again.  This time I split the batch in half.  Half went to making the most delicious, moist cupcakes, and the other half I tinted with purple food coloring, added mini chocolate chips and baked in the silicon mold.  Here is how everything turned out...

The white cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream frosting, yellow and purple sprinkles, and a piped "W".

The frosting was so yummy.  I used the Buttercream frosting off of the Wilton's site.

The finished display after turning out the "W" cake and frosting the cupcakes.  I can't wait to use this again for tailgating this fall!  Woof woof woof!


  1. the cake was delicious and so creative! loved that you dyed it purple!!! thank you for making it, MFC loved it!

  2. I hate it when things don't turn out, but it was a good thing you didn't give up. It looks yummy!