Thursday, July 30, 2009

CEiMB: Cobb Salad

UPDATE: I swaped out the old pics with these new ones since I had more light this morning to play with.

The Feast Within choose this week's Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe, the Cobb Salad. This was a really great pick! My husband and I L-O-V-E cobb salad so naturally I was excited to try it. It's like a traditional cobb salad with a few great substitutions. First, instead of two full eggs, the recipe calls for one full hard boiled egg and one hard boiled egg minus the yolk. Don't laugh, but I've never hard boiled eggs before.. crazy huh?! I remember watching my mom boil them, then run them under cold water, but that was about it. I decided to search online for some great tips and followed these instructions. It took a little while, but they turned out great. The yolk was bright yellow (not orange or grey). The recipe also swaps ham for bacon. Everything else (avocado and blue cheese.. yum!!) are served in moderation. I really enjoyed this salad and the dressing. The blue cheese I bought was really strong (I love blue cheese) so it really made the dish taste great. I also love the presentation. Thanks Meet Me In The Kitchen for giving me the idea to use a similar dish.

So filling and delicious. Perfect for a 94 degree summer night.
Did I mention I love avocado?? It also has great health benefits

If you haven't made it yet I definitely recommend you try it - cheers!


  1. Very pretty presentation! I loved this salad and the dressing was delicious. This one is a real keeper.

  2. Good job.

    Can't believe you NEVER had a hard boiled egg! My goodness... not that you missed out on one of the most wonderful tasting (or smelling for that matter - pee-U!) natural whole meals nature offers, but just that it is SO basic. Well you did it. One more experience on life's list.

    It was a great recipe. We enjoyed it as well.

  3. Great job. And you know, it is not hard to hard boil an egg, but it is hard to do it perfectly, and it sounds like you got it right with your bright yellow yolk :) I also LOVE avocados. I always rationalize eating way too much of it by touting it's health benefits.

  4. I've never hard-boiled eggs before either. (Well, I still haven't!) It seems like something that should be easy, but it's also hard to check until you've already cracked into them and then it's too late. Sounds like you did great!

    I didn't used to eat avocado or guacamole; something about the green mushiness didn't appeal to me. But I tried some on a sandwich for the first time a couple months ago and now I am hooked! I cannot get enough lol